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Data Migration

  • Consultative

We advise our customers on what data can migrate, what activities will need to be undertaken by them (like extractions) and get them to start cleaning their data

  • Analysis and Design

We assist our customers to analyse the existing data for relevance into carelink. We help design the migration rules through a specification

  • Data Transformation & Migration

Complete the actual migration of the data from one data source into CarelinkPlus according to the rules established.


  • Planning

Our specialised consultants explore how the customer runs their business to understand how CarelinkPlus will be used and size up the project and activities that will need to be completed within an estimated time frame.

  • Design

Create an installation of CarelinkPlus and build the content to establish a database that complies with the business requirements going forward.

  • Training and Support

Our training is customised to your organisational requirements by following the train the trainer approach. We can conduct training onsite, online or offsite to suit your individual needs.

Software engineers working on project and programming in company
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  • Experienced Consultants

Our consultants have backgrounds within the industry and experience in implementing across the Carelink product suite. With that experience comes knowledge that we share with our clients to ensure each project is a well-considered and managed activity.

  • Assistance and Support

No matter the size or complexity of the assignment, we assure you that the engagement with our consultants will provided you with the best advice and assistance.  

  • Customer Account Management

A Customer Account Manager is assigned to each organisation to ensure continual satisfaction and optimisation of the behind the scenes processes so that your team get the most from their Carelink solution.


  • Calendar Training

A training calendar is released every 6 months with training sessions for various areas of CarelinkPlus which you and your staff can book in and attend.

  • eLearning Modules

We have developed eLearning Modules which can be utilised for training new employees which is self paced and thorough.

  • Custom Training

The Carelink Team also provides custom training both in our training rooms and onsite depending on your needs. Our experienced trainers can create a custom training plan to ensure your staff are receiving the specific training they require.

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