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  • Core Software

CarelinkPlus is the client management system that manages all aspects of the client lifecycle, from enquiry to acquittal.

  • Rostering Efficiency​

The CarelinkPlus roster provides peace of mind with the most efficient and effective tools to deliver the best possible support.

  • Statutory Compliance

Keeping up to date with statutory reporting requirements has never been easier with CarelinkPlus.

  • Accurate Reporting

CarelinkPlus keeps all of your records neat and easily accessible. There are over 200 useful reports each with their own filters and formats.

Carelink Software Suite - Client Management Solution - Consulting - Training
CarelinkAir - Forms Management - Mobile - Client Information - Client Management Software
  • Web-based Solution

A solution to mobilise staff providing services at the point of care, allowing the client to be fully engaged with the service provider.

  • Digitalise Paper-based Forms

Digitalise all paper-based forms increasing the efficiency of mobile care providers and minimise back office processing.

  • Seamless Integration

Ability to view and capture client information remotely with seamless integration with your CarelinkPlus solution.

  • Access Information

CarelinkGo gives staff the ability to access client information, notes, documents, goals, reminders, tasks, maps, and rosters.

  • Compatibility

Compatible with both iOS and Android devices, Carelink has never been more accessible. This application supports both 3G/4G and Wi-Fi Protocols, as well as offline access.

  • Data Collection

CarelinkGo captures time and attendance, notes, reminders, client signatures and GPS coordinates, all whilst in the field.

CarelinkGo - Smartphone App - Rostering Community Care
Carelink Software Suite - Client Management Solution - Cloud Hosting - Managed Services - APIs Integration
  • Develop Custom Interfaces

You now have the option to develop your own CarelinkPlus interfaces in-house by creating a software adapter via CarelinkConnect APIs

  • Multi-directional Integration

One API can support multiple operations (read, write, update, search) allowing for robust, multi-directional integration.

  • No Maintenance

Changes to CarelinkPlus will not require maintenance to API adapters as messages are entirely separate to CarelinkPlus data storage.

  • Managed Services

We take the end-to-end accountability for helping our customers accomplish their Client Management Solution goals and achieve their business objectives.

  • Cloud Hosted Platform

CarelinkCloud is designed to enable deployment and access to our Carelink product suite via a cloud platform (SaaS), incorporating configuration, management and recovery.

  • On-going Maintenance

With a dedicated Managed Services Team, we provide maintenance in the form of scheduled database upgrades, application administration, user account creation and disaster recovery.

Carelink Software Suite - Client Management Solution - Cloud Hosting - Managed Services - APIs Integration