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CarelinkConnect suite of APIs

  • Develop Custom Interfaces

You can choose to develop your own CarelinkPlus interfaces in-house by creating a software adapter via CarelinkConnect APIs

  • Multi-directional Integration

One API can support multiple operations (read, write, update, search) allowing for robust, multi-directional integration.

  • No Maintenance

Changes to CarelinkPlus will not require maintenance to API adapters as messages are entirely separate to CarelinkPlus data storage.

  • Multiple Adaptors

One API can have multiple adapters, which makes them cost-effective, if more than one type of interface is required.

CarelinkConnect API Library​

The CarelinkConnect Suite of APIs provides customers with a tool-set to create their own interfaces to CarelinkPlus, regardless of the integration architecture (point to point, Hub spoke, service bus etc.).

We offer specific APIs, with each API exposing a different CarelinkPlus resource (e.g. client, carer, shift). You can customise your software adapters and/or middleware in any way you like to suit how you want the API to interact with your system.

Client API

Carer API

Shift API

HL7 FHIR - Standardised Formatting

Carelink Software Suite - Client Management Solution - APIs Integration - CarelinkConnect

HL7’s FHIR standard is a widely-used message formatting standard for applications in the healthcare industry. FHIR has a heavy focus on resources being easily translated to real-world scenarios.

Utilising the FHIR standard allows those using CarelinkConnect to take advantage of free online documentation, open-source code libraries for multiple platforms, as well as support from the online FHIR community. This standard means that CarelinkConnect API’s are fast and easy to implement.

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