Managed Services and Hosting with

"Who better to manage your software than the people who helped create it"

  • Managed Services

CarelinkCloud Managed Services take the end-to-end accountability for helping customers achieve their client management solution goals and achieve business objectives.

  • Cloud Hosted Platform

CarelinkCloud is designed to enable deployment and access to our Carelink product suite via a cloud platform (SaaS) incorporating configuration, management and recovery.

  • On-going Maintenance

With a dedicated Managed Services Team, we provide maintenance in the form of scheduled database upgrades, application administration, user account creation and disaster recovery.

Carelink Software Suite - Client Management Solution - Office

Cloud Hosting

The CarelinkPlus application is deployed and accessible via our secure cloud platform.  

Dedicated Managed Services Team

You are provided a centralised point of contact to compliment your organisation and apply a best practice approach.


The Managed Services team take over the day to day system administration functions within defined timelines.

Scheduled Database Upgrades

Upgrades and patches are applied to stay abreast of new functionality and updates whilst full testing is conducted.

User Account Creation
and Maintenance

Simplify on boarding new staff with a web-based form to provide staff access.

Annual Rate Schedule Increase

Our team ensures annual rate schedule increases are performed to ensure the correct revenue is generated.


Our disaster recovery plans are customised to your organisation to ensure continuity of service.

Level 1 Help
Desk Support

All enquires are channeled through a centralised point of contact regardless of the request.

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