Our Web-Based Solution

The Advantages of CarelinkAir

  • Digitise Paper-based Forms

Digitise all paper-based forms, with CarelinkAir, increasing the efficiency of mobile care providers and minimising back office processing.

  • Seamless Integration

Ability to view and capture client information remotely with seamless integration with your CarelinkPlus solution.

  • Web-based Solution

A solution to mobilise staff providing services at the point of care, allowing the client to be fully engaged with the service provider.

CarelinkAir - Forms Management - Mobile - Client Information - Client Management Software

CarelinkAir Features


The Dashboard screen allows easy access to a customisable layout of useful widgets.


Develop customised forms for use in the field including assessments, risk scoring, goal plans and more.

Client Records

Access up to date client information with real-time integration with your CarelinkPlus database.


Create and attach documents to client notes and profiles whilst on the go.


Workflows allow you to build in various actions to occur based on the way a form is answered. 


CarelinkAir has the ability to link client addresses to Google Maps at the push of a button through Maps.


View and create notes in the field and have them sync to your CarelinkPlus Solution.


Capture signatures digitally with CarelinkAir. No more paper-based forms to process in the office.

The New CarelinkAir Rostering Solution

Our Rostering Experts

Organisation - Employee - CarelinkAir - Rostering - David Parker

David Parker

The project management and architecture overview role, also the Scrum Master as the project is following an Agile approach.

Organisation - Employee - CarelinkAir - Rostering - Hellen Archbold

Hellen Archbold

Works to ensure that the product will meet the expectations of the customer and business whilst also taking on the business analyst leadership role.

Organisation - Employee - CarelinkAir - Rostering - Bridget Gutsell

Bridget Gutsell

Works elicit customer needs and expectations through Focus Group meetings and interviews with customers and other stakeholders.

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